Accomplishing Technology Leadership

With Agility to Respond to Customer Needs


Incorporated in 1997, MAHLE ANAND Thermal Systems came about as a result of ANAND’s joint venture with MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co.KG, Germany. A technology leader when it comes to the manufacture of comprehensive automotive thermal management components, they are ANAND’s systems partners for the automobile industry. MAHLE ANAND Thermal Systems’s agility in responding to the rapidly- changing sectoral environment has defined its progression over the last two decades.

Our Partners


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MAHLE Behr Holding GmbH,Germany: Headquartered in Stuttgart, the MAHLE Group is a global leader in the realm of automotive components manufacture. As a leading global development partner, MAHLE offers unique competence in terms of internal combustion engines and engine peripherals. With its two business units, engine systems and components, and filtration and engine peripherals, the MAHLE Group ranks among the top-three systems suppliers worldwide for piston systems and cylinder components as well as valve train, air, and liquid management systems. Nearly every automobile and engine manufacturer in the world is a customer of MAHLE. 170 plants worldwide manned by ~76,000 employees have allowed it to rake in revenues worth ~€11.5 billion.



From operationalising environment-friendly manufacturing processes to taking the lead in terms of vendor development, the MAHLE ANAND Thermal Systems leadership has led the company to dizzying heights of success. The company has made it happen by embracing the guiding principles of transparency, good governance, power of partnership and the power of people.

  • Mr. Mahendra K Goyal, Chairperson
  • Mr. Jagdish Kumar, Director
  • Mr. S Sarathi, Director
  • Mr. Martin Albert Wellhoeffer, Director
  • Mr. Milind Mukund Godbole, Director
  • Mr. Daniel Bentele, Director
  • Mr. Jakob Ruemmler, Director
  • Mr. Vinayak Hegde, Chief Operating Officer